The mission of Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia is to provide children from the Greater Philadelphia area with a superior education based in Torah and Chassidic values.

Cheder offers an education that nurtures Chassidic values which emphasize each child’s responsibility to make the world a better place, as outlined in Chabad philosophy. Through strong academics and equally strong character building experiences, students will grow to be proud and joyful of their Jewish identity, and express it even beyond the classroom walls.

A long-term goal of Cheder Chabad is to positively contribute to the collaborative process among the Philadelphia region day school culture by sharing successful techniques and approaches with other schools.

Core Values

• Love for learning
• Respectful of peers
• Responsibility towards larger community
• Character refinement and integrity
• A love for fellow Jews
• A love for Israel
• Chasidic values


Cheder Chabad strives for academic excellence through our dual curriculum of Judaic and general studies. Cheder Chabad integrates both curriculums, so the skills of reading, writing, mathematics and the sciences are constantly reinforced within the framework of our Judaic curriculum and vice versa.

Our Judaic curriculum is also one of the first in the country to use a standardized system that heavily aligns with the educational best practices and standards. We also utilize standardize testing for general studies, to measure student achievement and focus our educational resources in the most effective manner possible.

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Our Approach

Founded fourteen years ago as a small, cooperative school, Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia has since grown into a quality Jewish educational institution with over 80 students. The school was initially established as grassroots effort by a few families who were seeking a unique type of Jewish education for their children, which was until then unavailable anywhere in the Delaware Valley. Interest in the school grew and it was clear that there was a demand for a school dedicated to educating students in a Chabad style institution.


Educational Philosophy

The Chabad approach to education and Judaism is one that emphasizes Ahavat Yisrael, love for your fellow Jew and the oneness of Jews from all communities. As such, Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia students and their families have a deep and spirited involvement with the local Jewish community, and inspire greater involvement and commitment to Judaism among their neighbors.

The Cheder aims to nurture the neshama of every student. We have a holistic approach to education in which the academics and character building initiatives support each other in a practical way. We strive to create buy-in with our parent body, students and staff so that all the stakeholders create an environment that nurtures responsible community members through our educational approach.